Lord Hanuman Family

Lord Shri Hanuman is considered foremost devotee of Lord Shri Ram and incarnated as rudra avatar of Lord Shiva . It is eleventh Rudra element took a form of Monkey God to help and assist to shri ram .

Mother and Father :

He was born through the holy lap of his mother Anjani (Anjana ) and his father was Kapiraaj Keshari so he is also called Anjani ka laala, Aanjaneya ( son of mother Anjani) or Keshari Nandan .

Hanuman ji also considered son of Air (Pawan Putra:

It is said that God of Air (VayuDev) had impregnated Anjana through Mind a super sensory manner therefore Lord Hanuman ji is also called son of air Pawan Putra .

Once King dasharat was performing Havana with his 3 wifes after which sage awarded them miracle kheer which can pregnant them . a portion was snitched by a crow and flew away where Anjana was Busy in tapasya .

With the wish of lord shiva , Lord Vayu brought the miracle kheer in Anjana’s hand who is performing Tapasya of Lord Shiva . Thinking of that Prasad of lord shiva she ate it and become pregnant and gave birth as lord hanuman thus he is called Pawan Putra also .

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